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Crossfire Particle FX Tutorial! 100% After Effects!

Download Project and Free Saber Plug-in: Video Copilot LIVE Europe Tour:

Colorful Glitch FX Tutorial!

Create a procedural Glitch Effect 100% inside of After Effects! Project File: Rendering Note: I’ve heard some people having issues with Fractal Noise not rendering...

Advanced Electric FX Tutorial!

3 Tutorials in 1! Create stunning Lightning with realistic reflections, Simulate realistic cloud illumination. Create directional electricity that interacts with your logo! Project Files with...

Realistic Rain Drop FX

Create a procedural water effect with refraction without using any 3rd Party Plug-ins! Visit to download project this week! FX Console:

New Workflow Plug-in: FX CONSOLE!

Speed up your After Effects work and get stuff done faster! Download FX Console: Access the FX Console tool with a simple Shortcut! CTRL+SPACE Follow us...

Design a 3D Set Extension Tutorial! + FREE model pack!

In this tutorial we'll create an awesome set extension using the new Free Roof Pack! Download Roof Pack + Tutorial footage: Twitter: Instagram:

Super Hero Landing

Create a superhero landing with Video Copilot! Website: Follow us on Twitter: Instagram:

New Plug-in: SABER + Tutorial!

Download Plug-in: Create High quality energy & lights beams Realistic Glow falloff Advanced Core Settings Built-in Distortion 25 Presets Dynamic Text and Mask Outlines Stackable FX