2020 Designer Trends in Motion Graphics


    100 Title Pack: https://bit.ly/100TitlePack – I love looking at motion graphics work from the community. Here are some of the trends I found being used more this year. So in this After Effects tutorial, we’re going to break down some of the 2020 trends. Learn how to create the current trendy transitions, title animations, seamless titles, and explosion pops. Be sure to think about how you can use some or all of these techniques on your future projects. 🙂

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    2020 Designer Trends in Motion Graphics

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    0:00 Intro
    0:41 Trend 1 – Small Title Within Big Title
    2:51 Trend 2 – Matte Transition
    4:59 Save Time & Produce Awesome Work – Title Pack
    6:11 Trend 3 – Seamless Title Background
    8:32 Trend 4 – Explosion Pops
    11:07 Outro – Please Subscribe 🙂


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