2022 Trendy Tunnel Typography

    Think outside the box and imagine making brain-bending, trending typography easy. Let’s be honest, it’s not. But fear no more! SonduckFilm is here to save the day and send some After Effects typography techniques your way. It’s 2022 and your typography game is going to bounce to the next level with this tutorial. Black and white typography never looked so beautiful!

    Futuristic designs are hitting the grid with this tutorial and we will show you how to bring a splash of life to your black and white typography in After Effects. In this tutorial, we will be discussing seamless titles, camera movements and animations, how to create box typography, and zoom box titles in After Effects.

    If you are looking for ways to amp up your typography,

    Imagine a world of contemporary design. Something so bold and beautiful you can jump right into it and explore an entire undiscovered world.

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    2022 Trendy Typography Techniques in After Effects

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    0:00 Intro – Please Drop a Like! It helps =D
    0:28 Step 1 – Seamless Top & Bottom Titles
    2:22 Step 2 – Camera Movement & Text Adjustments
    4:58 5000+ Templates – Link In Desscription
    5:28 Step 3 – Side Typography
    7:35 Step 4 – Final Title and Tips
    9:26 Outro – Please Subscribe!


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