22 Useful Tricks You May Not Know About – Part 2 of 5


    22 Useful Tricks in After Effects You May Not Know About by Sergei Prokhnevskiy. For more tutorials visit ukramedia.com.

    1. Shift+Parenting Behavior at 0:33
    2. Layer Selection at 1:35
    3. Go to Visible Item in the Timeline (J, and K) at 2:24
    4. Reveal Properties (U, and UU) at 3:09
    5. Paste Layers at Current Time (CTRL+ALT+V) at 3:50
    6. Close Other Timeline Panels at 4:52
    7. Find Missing Footage, Effects, or Fonts at 5:19
    8. Reveal in Explorer at 6:06
    9. Copy with Property Links (CTRL+ALT+C) at 6:37
    10. Center Anchor Point (CTRL+ALT+HOME) at 9:01
    11. Center in View (CTRL+HOME) at 9:56
    12. Fit to Comp (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+H, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G, and CTRL+ALT+F) at 10:43
    13. Flexible Masking Options at 11:37
    14. Bezier Paths for Shape Layers at 13:30
    15. Reveal in Timeline at 14:48
    16. Default Render Setting (CTRL+Click on Render Preset) at 15:17
    17. Set Work Area to Duration of Selected Layers (CTRL+ALT+B) at 16:17
    18. Delete All Effects from Selected Layers (CTRL+SHIFT+E) at 16:47
    19. Turn Off All Other Solo Switches (CTRL+Click on Solo) at 17:32
    20. Reset Rotation and Scale at 17:54
    21. RAM Preview with Alternate Settings (Shift+0) at 18:31
    22. Live Text Templates for Premiere Pro at 19:36

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    *** MUSIC BY: VLAD SOLOKHA. Vlad is a family friend who is a very talented musician. You can reach out to him by going to his facebook at https://www.facebook.com/vlad.solokha?fref=ts.


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