3 Smooth Motion Graphics Tricks

    5000+ Templates: https://bit.ly/5000Templates – The 3-Dimensional world of animation is something that, when done correctly, can take your animations out of this world… or should we say, this dimension. As we progress further into the future and away from our early 2000’s and 2010’s era of motion graphics, the ability to create the illusion of 3D shapes is imperative for eye-catching, clean motion graphics in After Effects. Shift your perspective by learning from this tutorial on how to create 3 clean (3-dimensional) motion graphics tricks in After Effects.

    In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to create illusionary faux 3D shapes, camera movements, depth of field, and clean typography in After Effects. Create your base 3D shape, add some camera keyframes to create depth of field, and add in some clean typography and you’ve got yourself a stunning clean motion graphic that will turn heads.

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    3 Clean Motion Graphics Tricks in After Effects

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    0:00 Intro – Please Drop a Like! It helps =D
    0:22 Step 1 – Fake 3D Shapes
    2:40 5000+ Templates – Link In Desscription
    3:06 Step 2 – Clean Camera Movement and Depth of Field
    4:50 Step 3 – Clean Typography
    6:39 Outro – Please Subscribe!


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