5 Sweet Motion Graphic Techniques


    Motion Graphics has so many amazing tools for you to use. So in this After Effects tutorial we’re going to take a look at these 5 motion graphics techniques. Starting off in After Effects can be tough, so these are 5 tips anyone can follow to improve their skills. We’re going to look at everything from backgrounds, titles, animation, and compositing clips together. Let’s get started on this After Effects tutorial!

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    Timecodes For this video:
    ► 0:00 Intro
    ► 1:02 Stacked Backgrounds
    ► 3:01 Clean Title Layout
    ► 5:39 Shape Array
    ► 7:50 MGSP
    ► 9:08 Morph Title
    ► 10:11 Quick Jump Transition
    ► 11:13 Outro

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