5 Things you need to learn as Motion Designer!

    Motion Design / Motion Graphics is a broad field that requires a bundle of different skills.
    Plus you need a lot of patience because it takes years of practice and experience.
    Number 1:
    The first thing you need to learn is Software. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects are the one you need to know. That’s what almost all companies work with.
    Number 2:
    You need to know basic Design Rules and Principles. If you want your animations to look good, you need to create style frames and layouts. There’s a basic rule: The more effort you put into design, the easier it is to animate
    Number 3:
    You need to develop a sense for rhythm, timing and dramaturgy. Especially if you do longer pieces like explainer videos, they need to keep viewers excited as long as possible. So you need to know, how to tell a story not necessarily just content-wise but with how your animations behave and progress.
    Number 4:
    You need to train your eye to see details. It’s details that distinguish an ok design or animation from an outstanding design or animation. Organic animations are reproduced natural behaviours.
    That’s what makes them convincing.
    Number 5:
    You have to learn to be confident. Your work and your creativity is valuable. You have all the knowledge your client needs, they like your showreel. That’s why they hired you in the first place. Confidence usually comes with experience though. So there’s hope;-)

    0:00 Intro
    0:24 Software
    1:28 Basic Design Principles and Rules
    2:35 Dramaturgy
    3:36 Details matter
    4:39 Confidence
    5:18 Outro

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