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    New composition: CTRL + N
    Composition settings: CTRL + K

    New Solid: CTRL + Y
    Solid layer settings: CTRL + SHIFT + Y

    New adjustmentlayer: CTRL + ALT + Y
    New null object: CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Y

    Toggle Position: P
    Toggle Rotation: R
    Toggle Opacity: T
    Toggle Scale: S

    Multiple transform elements: Hold ‘SHIFT’

    Center anchor point: CTRL + ALT + HOME
    Toggle Anchor Point Tool: Y
    Anchor point snap: hold ‘CTRL’

    Jump keyframes: J & K
    easy ease keyframe(s): F9
    Graph editor: SHIFT + F3

    Fit to canvas size: CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + H
    Replace footage in comp: hold ‘ALT’ + drag

    Toggle all keyframes: U
    Add expression: ALT + Left click

    Show all expressions: Double click ‘E’
    Show camera options: Double click ‘A’

    Stretch keyframes: hold ‘ALT’
    Shape from center: hold ‘CTRL’
    Even shape: hold ‘SHIFT’
    Mask options: M
    Mask feather: F
    All mask options: Double click ‘M’

    Review timeline: 0
    Quick preview timeline (half FPS): SHIFT + 0

    Split layer: CTRL + SHIFT + 0
    Go to beginning or end of layer: I & O

    Duplicate Layer: CTRL + D
    Layer navigation: CTRL + ARROW UP/DOWN
    Toggle details: CTRL + SHIFT + H

    Toggle raster: CTRL + R
    Toggle raster lines: CTRL + ;

    Selection Tool: V
    Hand Tool: H
    Drag in selection tool: hold ‘SPACE’ + drag
    Pen tool: G

    Create an ellipse: Q
    Create a rectangle: hold ‘Q’

    Text tool: CTRL + T

    1 frame forwards/backwards: PAGE UP/DOWN
    10 frames forwards/backwards: SHIFT + PAGE UP/DOWN

    Start of timeline: HOME
    End o timeline: END

    Precompose Layer(s): CTRL + SHIFT + C

    Full resolution: CTRL + J
    Half resolution: CTRL + SHIFT + J
    Quarter resolution: CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + J

    Search in layers: CTRL + F
    Save current frame: CTRL + ALT + S

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