Advanced 3d Card Creation

    Today we’ll be going over the process of creating advanced 3d cards using interpolating expressions instead of the normal method of spreading out our layers in Z space. The benefits of using this method is that we have complete control over how each layer acts as we rotate the card! Instead of having a 60 degree range of motion before “running out” of background image using the traditional method, we can now manage to get a full 180 degrees because we’re controlling where our background image will be at 90 and -90 degrees rotation.

    We’ll touch on each aspect of the process as well, part 1 will go over the process as well as some tips for separating each layer from an image in order to make up our foreground, character, and background layers in photoshop. This includes tips for removing subjects from photos as well as covering up holes left behind using content aware fill, the clone stamp, and the spot healing brush!

    Then for part 2, I’ll quickly go over how I made the card border and a couple other layers we’ll be needing (an inner shadow layer and an alpha matte). In this part I also bring up a little photoshop quirk or bug that may be useful to know just in case you run into a similar problem involving clipping masks and the bevel and emboss layer style.

    Lastly for the final part, we actually dive into after effects and walk through the process of turning all of our layers into a 3d card that can be controlled by a single layer’s rotation! We go over interpolating expressions, what the Math.abs() function does, as well as a couple of other neat tips.

    This is the longest tutorial I’ve made thus far and I also think I talk the fastest in it so there is a lot of content in here that I hope can inspire ideas for future projects or just give you some nuggets sized tips that you can carry with you. Hopefully this doesn’t come across as too advanced as I do move pretty quickly at times.

    Timestamps — — —
    0:00 – intro
    0:38 – separating the photo’s layers
    7:48 – creating the card border
    9:40 – rotation interpolation in after effects
    26:49 – hey hey you you i know that you like me (so sub)

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