All About Keyframes & The Graph Editor


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    WARNING! This is way too much about the nitty gritty of keyframing in after effects. I honestly got bared by MYSELF on this one. It’s too much. I open up parts of this thing that you may have never ever seen and may hope to never see again. If you have a weak constitution or other things to do for 20 minutes turn back now.

    I’m super sorry, the next one will be better I promise.

    The subjects covered here:
    Keyframes – what kids are they? What are those wacky things? Where did I leave my kids? Oh it was the park, they are now feral wolf kids.
    The Graph Editor – I love editing video I’ll love editing graphs? Oh no I don’t! It was terrible.

    If this stuff confuses you just let me know in the comments. Or don’t. I might be happier without know that I can’t explain things for poops. Either way hit me up with your Qs and I’ll try to A them in the A.

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