Best Motion Trails · Expression Tutorial with free animation preset

    Learn how to build your own reusable Motion Trail Animation Preset using shape layers and expressions. I also provided a free motion trail animation preset that you can use immediately without having to write any expressions.

    ⭐️ Also as mentioned, if you are interested in a part 2 tutorial on how to make the preview animation, I will get to it if this tutorial Instagram post gets over 750 likes (will be posted 1pm EST)! I did not want this tutorial to be too long, and I wanted everyone’s opinion on whether this is something I should spend more time on! So please share this with your friends on Instagram!

    00:00 – Method comparison
    03:20 – Animate wavy motion using Sine Wave expression
    07:30 – How the Motion Trail expression works
    09:45 – Build a Motion Trail effect using expressions
    18:15 – Stylizing the stroke appearance & saving animation preset
    22:55 – Using my Motion Trail animation preset
    24:00 – Preview animation process

    🔴 Animation Preset download

    🤖 Expression used :

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