Best of 2019 | Motion Design, Animation & Resources – Motion Design Awards


    In this new series of Motion Design Awards, I will be sharing my version of the best motion design & resources of 2019. What is your favorite design and resource for this year?

    List of resources mentioned:

    Best Animation
    ►Blend Titles — Gunner:
    ►School of Motion: Join the Movement — Ordinary Folk:
    ►Moscow Coat of Arms — Petrick:
    ►From Nothing to Something — Andrew Vucko:
    ►Into the Flame — Hue and Cry:

    Best Studio
    ►Ordinary Folk:

    Best New Artist
    ►Harry Bhalerao:

    Best Course
    ►Illustration for Motion — School of Motion:

    Best Youtube Channel
    ►Olof Storm:
    ►Day Rates:

    Best Podcast
    ►School of Motion — Ryan Honey:
    ► 206:
    ►Motion Hatch Making Money in Mograph:

    Best New Software
    ►Procreate 5:
    ►Spark AR Studio:

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    I’m uploading new motion design tutorials every Thursday! (Sometimes Monday too)

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    Massive thanks to madmomentsgo for providing that amazing music for my intro!
    check out his other brilliant work here:

    “Magic Scout – Farm” Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
    ~ God bless Kevin ~


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