Best Plugins of 2019

    This is it! The last video of 2019! I’m super excited to talk about the best After Effects plugins of the year, especially since a lot of plugins came out ranging from innovative to versatile, to straight-up dope. I know there’s a bunch of cool motion graphics bundles and really niche vfx tools, but here are the ones I’ve found myself using time and time again throughout the year. In making all kinds of vfx and motion graphics videos, the plugins on this list have saved me so much time, effort, and even more impressively, allowed me to do things in AE I didn’t originally think possible. Whether you’re new to the program and interested in learning motion graphics, or an expert that knows your way around AE; this video shows what After Effects plugins are the most powerful and handy. I’ve messed around with a bunch of motion graphics and VFX in After Effects, and hands down these are the best free & premium plugins I’ve used that you can get. From responsive typography to stunning 3d rendered scenes. I’ve seen these used in commercials, movies, and all sorts of animation projects. I’m stoked to share this with you all!

    (They’re too dope to compare like that)🔌😉

    5. Lockdown – ($249)

    4. Create Pack ($19) –

    3. Trendy Motion Graphics Pack ($29) –

    2. AEJUICE I Want it All Bundle ($199) –

    1. FXConsole (FREE) –

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