BKAP Episode 01 – CC Ball Action


    Download Free Project File: https://gum.co/animoplex-ccballaction
    Lava Lamp by InspiredImages on Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/lava-lamp-light-lamp-silver-glass-2820/

    0:29 – Features & Limitations
    1:12 – Applying to Footage
    1:32 – Settings Overview
    2:32 – Mask Calculation
    2:55 – Free Project File Overview

    First episode of the Better Know A Plugin series. BKAP aims to uncover interesting default effects and plugins bundled with After Effects.

    CC Ball Action can be used for a wide variety of effects, including simulating an LED grid and pixelating footage. Check out the downloadable project file for interesting ways to utilize CC Ball Action.

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