Boombox (tool)


    Free 7-day trial:

    – Audio library from award-winning composer
    – 300+ sounds, 500+ tags and 30+ categories
    – Professionally produced and royalty-free
    – Built in auto-update and auto-sync
    – Continually evolving Library and Extension
    – Smart cue points for every unique sound
    – Humanized searching for better results
    – Instantly find, preview and sync audio
    – Designed for After Effects & Premiere


    OTHER STUFF (note about channel)


    Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! Real videos on their way! I’ve been changing a ton of things, but also have been spending a ton of time animating.

    A bunch of new things happened this year, and it became hard to keep up with YouTube. It felt weird to stop uploading, because it was so fun. But I also needed to focus on becoming a better motion designer, and decide what I’m “really” doing. So I moved out to Denver, and have been figuring it out : )

    Last year I got to develop a ton as an animator, designer and tool builder. Which means I have a lot to share with you soon! Over this year I also teamed up with some buddies to make even better tools. More on that another time …

    Anyway I’ve got a chance to immerse myself in the world of motion, and it’s been awesome, but real weird to be gone.

    I can’t wait to share new stuff with you, and thanks for sticking around. See you soon — and thanks for supporting Mt. Mograph.


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