CC Particle Systems II + CC Particle World | Effects of After Effects

    In this very long tutorial, I explain how to use the CC Particle Systems II and CC Particle World effects in Adobe After Effects. Both effects are fantastic particle emitters that come with After Effects and can create amazing effects. CC Particle Systems II is a 2D particle emitter, while CC Particle World is a 3D particle emitter. Both have very similar sets of controls, so make sure you watch this video in order as I don’t go back and explain repeated controls in CC Particle World.

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    00:00:00 Intro
    00:01:10 CC Particle Systems II
    00:03:23 Birth Rate & Longevity
    00:04:39 Producer Controls
    00:06:23 Physics
    00:07:20 Linking the Producer to a Null Object
    00:08:49 Velocity & Inherit Velocity
    00:11:56 Resistance
    00:13:24 Particle Controls
    00:22:30 Sphere Particles
    00:25:47 Polygonal Particles
    00:29:30 Lens Particles
    00:31:10 Fractal Explosive
    00:32:35 Twirl
    00:34:09 Twirly
    00:34:46 Vortex
    00:36:36 Fire
    00:38:01 Direction
    00:39:04 Direction Normalized
    00:39:39 Jet Sideways
    00:41:43 CC Particle World Grids & Guides
    00:47:17 Linking the Producer to a 3D Null Object
    00:53:05 Radius Controls
    00:53:27 Physics
    00:56:46 Direction Axis Controls
    00:57:29 Gravity Vector
    00:58:46 Floor Controls
    01:01:42 Particle Controls
    01:04:04 Custom Color Map
    01:04:35 Colume Shade (approx.)
    01:06:29 Textured Particles
    01:09:54 Effect Camera
    01:10:57 Depth Cue
    01:12:01 Light Direction
    01:12:29 Hold Particle Release
    01:13:32 Thanks for watching!


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