Create 5 Loopable Ambient Scene Techniques


    We’ve done many tutorials on creating “cartoon” and vector based workflow animations in the past couple of years. So in this tutorial, we’re going to be focused on creating loopable scene techniques that can be used for any type of animation. Perhaps you’re working on a long project and need the scene to loop, or you’re making a music playlist video. There’s a handful of techniques you can implement into your work from this After Effects tutorial. We’ll be talking about scene animation, lighting, camera movement and more!

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    Create 5 Loopable Vector Scene Techniques in After Effects | Tutorial

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    0:00 Intro
    0:38 Learn After Effects Vector Workflow
    1:08 Tip One – Object Animation with PPT
    2:53 Tip Two – Sky Animation
    5:27 Our After Effects Extension with hundreds of templates
    6:17 Tip Three – Turbulent Displace
    7:27 Tip Four – Lighting Animation
    9:20 Tip Five – Camera Loop
    10:20 Outro – Please Subscribe 🙂


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