1400+ Motion Graphics Pro Pack: – Create planets? Yeah! In this After Effects tutorial, learn how to create any space scene with planets. You can easily take the maps of planets in our solar system and tie a nice After Effects comp around them. Learn how to add movement, depth, and story to your next Sci-fi project!

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    Create ANY PLANET in After Effects With Space Scene Animation

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    0:00 Intro – Let’s get 1000 Likes on this video!
    0:39 Step 1 – Create a 3D Planet
    3:21 Step 2 – Space Background
    4:41 Become a Professional
    5:35 Step 3 – Add Moons
    8:03 Step 4 – Add Compositing Effects
    10:06 Step 5 – Optional Elements
    11:00 Outro – Subscribe because… flat Earth?


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