Create Quick Custom Smears or Motion Trails In After Effects – Cartoon Moblur

    Creating quick and custom smears in after effects doesn’t have to be tricky, today we talk about Cartoon Moblur a plugin to create quick and customizable smears in your motion graphics.

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    Cartoon Moblur behaves similarly to default motion blur except aesthetically it is much more suited to flat, minimal, 2D and cell styles. The blur is generated based on your transformation animation.

    It’s on aescripts + aeplugins now with a free trial as well, actually all our After effects plugins are on aescripts + aeplugins right now and most of them have free trials.

    The following can be customized:

    – Shutter angle (length of the blur)
    – Color (fill or gradient ramp)
    – Number of samples

    Cartoon Moblur takes the echo effect from adobe after effects, and gives you more and tighter controls for creating the perfect trail, smear, or…. well, echo!

    These trails are similar to tutorials by School Of Motion, and Jacob Richardsons video “How To Get Tighter Smears In After Effects” but without the extra steps, and more options to customise.

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