Create Stylized Topography from Real World Elevation Data­čîĆAdobe After Effects Tutorial

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    Here’s how to create some stylized topography animations in Adobe After Effects using real world elevation data (heightmaps). And remember kids, freedom isn’t free. Join my Patreon now to go beast-mode mapmaker.

    Tangram Heightmapper –
    Essential Properties Tutorial –

    Monday Maps –
    Tuesday Tools –

    0:00 Intro
    0:18 Patreon
    0:31 Get the Heightmap
    1:25 Posterize Effect
    2:26 Exposure Effect
    3:19 Control Edge Smoothness
    3:42 Essential Properties Workflow
    5:41 Set Matte for Alpha Edges
    7:17 Add Bevel and Drop Shadow to Edges
    8:27 Color Controls
    8:41 Precomping
    9:17 Add Color Background
    9:57 Creating the Topography
    10:32 Offset Terrain with Index Expression
    12:57 Animating the Terrain
    14:38 Animating the Light
    16:27 Outro


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