Create the hand drawn style

    In this tutorial I walk through the process of creating the line boil effect commonly found in cel animation. This effect can give your animation a hand drawn look, and it is very easy to achieve.

    There are a lot of different ways to stylize your animations with in After Effects. Stylizing your animations can help to make them look a little bit more organic as it were. Sometimes animations can look a little too clean, and boring. By using this technique you can give your lines a pencil look with imperfections that come with using a pencil.

    Line boil happens in cel animation when an object is redrawn for every frame even when that object isn’t moving. When this happens, because the lines wont always line up, they have a wobbly, boiling effect.

    We can replicate this effect in After Effects to give our clean, keyframed animations a more organic, hand drawn look.

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