creating a glowing paper cutout effect

    Let’s try making some candle-lit cutout paper style titles (like the one used for the title screen of What We Do in the Shadows)

    We’ll go over a couple of cool tips in this one while making our effect like 2 ways to make better glows and a surprisingly easy way to make edge lights (or rim lights… whichever you prefer)!


    0:00 – intro
    0:26 – gettin down to business
    2:14 – wiggle with style
    3:42 – the secret ingredient
    4:00 – saving our eyeballs
    4:32 – making cooler glows (part 1)
    5:09 – setting the mood (lighting)
    6:15 – edge lighting time!
    8:50 – turning on the lights
    9:04 – captain, divert power to beauty thrusters
    10:06 – making cooler glows (part 2 electric boogaloo)
    11:50 – subscribe for 10% off foot cream

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