Creating a Looping Wiggle Effect in

    Creating a Looping Wiggle Effect in After Effects – Tutorial

    When you create a wiggle effect – really easy with (wiggle 1,10) for example – and you want to make your animation loop, you can’t because it randomly jumps around so the starting position isn’t the same as the end position. Well fear no more! I’ve got the solution for you. You’ll have to watch the video though. Cheers!

    Looping Wiggle Expression:

    freq = 1;
    amp = 110;
    loopTime = 3;
    t = time % loopTime;
    wiggle1 = wiggle(freq, amp, 1, 0.5, t);
    wiggle2 = wiggle(freq, amp, 1, 0.5, t – loopTime);
    linear(t, 0, loopTime, wiggle1, wiggle2)

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