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    0:06 – Quick Overview
    0:13 – Settings Overview
    0:17 – Wrap Up

    Hex is a template for use with After Effects CS5 or later. A grid of hexagons with custom controls, perfect for high-tech videos, modern animations and VFX shots.

    Key Features:
    – 182 hexagons arranged in a grid
    – Custom Luma and Color Source comps to edit
    – 12 highly-customizable adjustment settings
    – No external assets, AEP is 2.5MB in size
    – Template: 1920 x 1080 resolution
    – No plugins required
    – Compatible with AE CS6 or later
    – Support via email:

    NEW Update – 03/11/2018:
    – New feature: Change sample radius amount (smoothness)
    – New feature: Layer selector to change color and luma sources
    – Added new gradient background and vignette
    – Moved all controls to a custom Pseudo Effect Control
    – Optimized expressions and removed eval text layers
    – Increased render performance
    – Minimum compatibility has changed from AE CS5+ to AE CS6+
    – Older versions are available to download for CS5+

    No installation required. To import Hex into your After Effects project, choose File – Import File and select the Hex by Animoplex.aep file.

    For additional questions and help, reporting issues, or to share examples of how you used Hex, please email or post in the comments below.

    This content is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 License:

    However, commercial, attribution-free remixing is allowed under the Creative Commons Plus (CC+) License which grants commercial use without attribution if certain conditions are met. Visit our licensing page for details:


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