Free Robot Rig


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    “The insidious Doctor Madbrain has unleashed his latest and most diabolical creation yet upon Boogie City–the Disco Bot! It’s stylin’ and profilin’ all over the metropolitan dance floor.” – Ethan Goodrum

    This robot has swag! It was created in After Effects and uses the optional RubberHose plugin for the arms and legs. No plugins required, all elements are vector shape layers and can be scaled. Just import into your project and destroy your own city!

    Key Features:
    – A robot walk cycle, complete with swag
    – Change colors and motion paths with ease
    – Template: 1600 x 1600 resolution
    – Vector shape layers can be scaled up
    – Compatible with AE CS5 or later
    – Support via email:
    – Optional Plugin: RubberHose


    For additional questions and help, reporting issues, or to share examples of how you used the Robot Rig Template, please email or post in the comments below.

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