Free UI Text Presets


    Free Download:
    0:15 – Build a Linear Fade
    1:17 – Build a Random Fade
    1:43 – Build a Random Flicker
    3:43 – Presets Overview
    5:49 – Preset Installation
    7:01 – Wrap Up

    UI Text Presets is a collection of 3 free text presets for use with After Effects CS5.5 or later. Check it out and have fun. Enjoy!

    Key Features:
    – 3 text presets
    – Inspired by futuristic user interfaces
    – Compatible with CS5.5+ (might work for CS5)
    – Support via email:
    – Free updates for life!

    To install, navigate to your After Effects presets folder in Explorer or Finder:
    Windows: C:UsersNameDocumentsAdobeAfter Effects CC 2017User Presets
    Mac OSX: UsersNameDocumentsAdobeAfter Effects CC 2017User Presets

    For additional questions and help, reporting issues, or to share examples of how you used these UI Text Presets, please email or post in the comments below.

    This content is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 License:

    However, commercial, attribution-free remixing is allowed under the Creative Commons Plus (CC+) License which grants commercial use without attribution if certain conditions are met. Visit our licensing page for details:


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