Full Plugin Tutorial

    Create a plugin from scratch that allows you to change the exposure of your image!
    Plugin Code: https://github.com/NTProductions/ae-simple-exposure-plugin
    Discord: https://discord.gg/23eFbcY
    Follow on IG: https://instagram.com/ntproductionsig
    Visual Studio: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com
    Xcode: https://developer.apple.com/xcode
    Adobe SDKs: https://console.adobe.io/downloads

    Introduction- 0:00
    Pre-requisites- 1:15
    Required Plugin Resources- 2:38
    Folder Setup- 4:59
    Environment Variable Setup (Windows Only)- 7:06
    Loading Project and Naming- 9:08
    Mass Name Changing/Fixing Linkage- 10:08
    R-File Editing and Explanation- 11:09
    Set Command Target Path- 11:51
    First Error Fixing- 12:34
    First Plugin Running- 13:04
    Plugin Files Detailed Explanation- 14:22
    Header File Setup- 17:26
    Main CPP File Explanation and Error Fixing- 21:04
    Param Setup Brief Overview and Tips- 23:05
    More Error Fixing- 24:13
    Effect Main and Render Functions Explained- 26:05
    Exposure Changing Function- 28:34
    Running/Testing Plugin- 31:05
    Outro- 32:10

    BTC- 3H5VB5RTUs6cNYuuauWd1pzcrUDiE66qsq
    ETH- 0x63c70f3d0aB34F2de6afA872f2E1E39B73cBE794
    BAT- 0x63c70f3d0aB34F2de6afA872f2E1E39B73cBE794

    #aeplugins #aesdk #plugintutorial


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