How To Animate Accurate Physics With Expressions

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to add a bounce that is accurate to physics in After Effects? Or just how to add accurate physics without having to animate every single key frame?

    Well today is your day! James is teaching you how to animate physics using expressions in After Effects.

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    This video takes you through a step by step tutorial on creating accurate physics animations in Adobe After Effects. We hope you can use these expressions in your day to day, and you find this video helpful!

    Today we’re using a few plugins from aescripts, the first is Ease and Wizz, a nifty little Plugin that James uses everyday, which can be found on aescripts here:

    Ease and Wizz:

    And the second plugin is Path Visualizer.

    Path Visualizer is a great way to draw vertices, beziers and handles based on your text or paths. It updates live with any animations. Great for technical/blueprint styles or just showing off your phat curves.

    It’s on aescripts + aeplugins now with a free trial as well, actually all our After effects plugins are on aescripts + aeplugins right now and most of them have free trials.

    Some of the features of Path Visualizer:

    – Compatible with text, shape layers and masks
    – Updates live with your animation
    – Different vertex types: Circle, diamond, square
    – Customize handle lengths, widths, colors, stroke
    – Easy to use animation system
    – Large number of stylistc parameters, customizable to suit any style

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