How to Change Color of Objects in Videos

    In this quick tutorial I show you how to change color of objects in a video using Adobe After Effects. You can easily change colors of objects in videos and photos by using built-in effects: Change Color and Change to Color, that could be found in After Effects as well as in Premiere Pro. Changing colors of objects in a video is a very useful technique to know especially if you are dealing with a lot of videos and photos to edit. Sometimes you just might want to change a color of particular objects and leave the rest of the colors as they are and this tutorial teaches you exactly how to do that in a simple but effective way. After watching this tutorial you will be able to change color of objects in videos and photos.

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    3D Electric Intro:
    Trendy Logo Animation:
    Glitch RGB Effect:
    Electric Neon Effect:
    Neon Lines No Plugins:
    Neon Lines Looping BG:
    Neon Lines Zooming BG:
    Motion Blur Trail:
    Text Reveal Basics:
    Smooth Text Reveal:
    Liquid Drip Effect:
    Shape Transitions:
    Animated Shapes Background:
    Glowing Torus Background:
    Smooth Gradient Background:
    Gradient Facecam:
    Neon Facecam:
    Twitch Follow Button:
    YouTube End Screen:
    YouTube Channel Banner:
    Social Media Lower Third:
    Audio Spectrum/Visualizer:
    Circle Bursts:
    8D Audio Effect:
    Zoom Transition:
    Zoom Transition.v2
    Zoom Out Transition:
    Glitch Transition:
    Circle Transition:
    Panoramic Transition:
    Speed Ramp Transition:
    Whip Pan Transition:
    Walk by Transition:
    Upscale 720p to 4K:
    Animated Title:
    Stretched Text:
    Slow Motion:
    Text to Sand/Dust:
    Particle Effects:
    RGB Split Effect:
    BlotterMedia Dance:
    Stroke Text Reveal:
    Particle Logo:
    Stroke Outline:
    Thumbnail tutorial:
    Glitch Logo Reveal:
    Neon Logo Intro:
    Metallic Intro:
    Glossy Logo Reveal:
    Particle Intro:
    Particle Intro v2:
    Particle Intro v3:
    Particle Intro v4:
    Elegant Intro:
    NCS Audio Spectrum:
    Bass Shake:
    Motion Tracking:
    Product Poster:
    Twixtor Tutorial:
    AMV Zoom Transition:
    AMV 3D Text Element:
    AMV Outline effect:
    AMV Zoom Rotation Shake:

    Smooth Zoom Transitions:

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