How to Chroma Key (green screen)


    Here are the keys to successful chroma keying… and terrible pun making. All you need is one chromatic green bed sheet. Which you can get at most swedish bedding stores. And then someone to stand infront of it while you point a camera at them!

    Tips for actual success:
    1. Evenly light your green screen! The fewer wrinkles, shadows, and etc it has on it the better things will be later.
    2. Make small changes in the number. Fine tuning makes the best matte, you want to be just at the limit that makes the image good.
    3. Have fun. It might seem like a stupid step but after 5 hours of looking at the same dude in front of that screen you better be having fun or getting paid a whole lot of moneys!

    If you have any questions leave them in the old comments section below and have fun!

    See you around the Internets!



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