How to Get a Cinematic Color Grade


    Hey everyone, and welcome to FilterGrade.

    Creating a film look in After Effects is a fairly simple process, but one that you might not know how to do without some explanation. In this video we’ll be going step-by-step on how to make your footage look film-like in After Effects.

    We’re mostly going to be working with color correction and color grading. And the main concept we’ll be working with is separation. Using various effects, we’ll be taking our boring and flat footage and making the subject stand out from the background better.

    Why are we using After Effects? Well, all of the basic color work can be done in Premiere Pro using Lumetri color, and if that’s all you’re doing then really that makes the most sense. But we’re going to be leveraging the extra power available in After Effects in order to create an even better look.

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