How to Make and Export a GIF

    In this quick tutorial I show you how to make and export a GIF in Adobe After Effects. Making a GIF in After Effects could be done in just a minute. It is super simple and easy to do, I am showing you the way step by step. You would need Adobe Media Encoder in order to be able to export as a GIF format, but since you have After Effects installed, you should have Media Encoder too. After watching this video you will be able to create GIFs of your choice in After Effects, save them and share your own GIFs on different platforms.

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    3D Electric Intro:
    Trendy Logo Animation:
    Glitch RGB Effect:
    Electric Neon Effect:
    Neon Lines No Plugins:
    Neon Lines Looping BG:
    Neon Lines Zooming BG:
    Motion Blur Trail:
    Text Reveal Basics:
    Smooth Text Reveal:
    Liquid Drip Effect:
    Shape Transitions:
    Animated Shapes Background:
    Glowing Torus Background:
    Smooth Gradient Background:
    Gradient Facecam:
    Neon Facecam:
    Twitch Follow Button:
    YouTube End Screen:
    YouTube Channel Banner:
    Social Media Lower Third:
    Audio Spectrum/Visualizer:
    Circle Bursts:
    8D Audio Effect:
    Zoom Transition:
    Zoom Transition.v2
    Zoom Out Transition:
    Glitch Transition:
    Circle Transition:
    Panoramic Transition:
    Speed Ramp Transition:
    Whip Pan Transition:
    Walk by Transition:
    Upscale 720p to 4K:
    Animated Title:
    Stretched Text:
    Slow Motion:
    Text to Sand/Dust:
    Particle Effects:
    RGB Split Effect:
    BlotterMedia Dance:
    Stroke Text Reveal:
    Particle Logo:
    Stroke Outline:
    Thumbnail tutorial:
    Glitch Logo Reveal:
    Neon Logo Intro:
    Metallic Intro:
    Glossy Logo Reveal:
    Particle Intro:
    Particle Intro v2:
    Particle Intro v3:
    Particle Intro v4:
    Elegant Intro:
    NCS Audio Spectrum:
    Bass Shake:
    Motion Tracking:
    Product Poster:
    Twixtor Tutorial:
    AMV Zoom Transition:
    AMV 3D Text Element:
    AMV Outline effect:
    AMV Zoom Rotation Shake:

    Smooth Zoom Transitions:

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