Is Bao Bones the king of Character rigs? [Comparison]

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    There are lots of tools to create character rigs in After Effects. Which tool should you use? Bao Bones is a great option for those who want to get good results fast!

    Bao Bones is a lesser known character rig tool among the list of many other more well known character rig plugins for After Effects on the market. 2d character animation is a skill more and more motion designers are equipping themselves with.

    Among the most popular Character Rig tools is DUIK, a free tool that makes creating limbs with inverse kinematics possible inside of After Effects. Sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting with DUIK rather than utilizing it to express your creativity. Then there are tools like Puppet tool, Limber or Character tool that are all different attempts at simplifying the process of creating character rigs in After Effects so that you can spend less time setting up everything up, and more time perfecting your animation. Bao Bones is a truly unique approach to character rigs in After Effects. Bao Bones is the only character rig tool that is a plugin and not a script. That means that it works faster, has better distortion and is optimized for performance…Or so they say.

    In this video, I share my experience using Bao Bones on a recent project. Bao Bones was a huge time saver for what I needed on this project and for that reason I feel like the purchase was worth it. But will Bao Bones be my go to character rigging tool for all future projects? I don’t think so. Bao Bones will however, be one of the many tools equipped to my After Effects tool belt.

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    0:00 – Intro
    0:37 – Recap
    1:32 – Overview
    2:35 – What I liked
    5:03 – what I didn’t Like
    8:34 – Final Thoughts
    11:04 – What I reccomend


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