Liquid & Distorted Title Animation

    In this After Effects Tutorial I’ll show you how to animate this liquid and very distorted title!
    ► Download the project file here:

    0:00 Intro
    0:20 Setting up the title comp
    1:18 Creating the title animation using “CC Mr. Mercury”
    2:14 Adding “Roughen Edges”
    2:33 Linking properties
    3:02 Adding “Echo”
    3:30 Using “Shift Channels” to add colour
    4:25 Using “Fill” to add colour
    5:15 Adjusting the animation
    5:32 Outro

    We start with creating a container for the title.
    This allows us to easily change the content later, without messing with the title animation.
    Then we add this title comp to a new comp, where the actual animation is happening.
    Therefore, we add a few effects, like “CC Mr Mercury”, “Roughen Edges” and “Echo”.
    To add colour, we use “Shift Channels” or for specific colours “Fill”.

    ► Software: Adobe After Effects 17.7
    ► I use music from Artlist:
    ► I use footage from Artgrid:

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