Outline Reveal


    How to make a reveal around an object, like in our intro
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    It’s been a busy week over here, and I always get asked about how I make certain parts of our intros, so I figured this would be a good time to make a tutorial like this. It’s not the most advanced, but it does show an easy way to create a nice reveal. I didn’t have the time to mess around with this, but I think it could be very interesting when combined with Tutorial 59: Shape Expressions (https://youtu.be/y9G0QAoHqzk), or even just some other expressions. For example, linking the stroke width to a slider and linking the Offset Paths to that value would let you animate the slider to expand the outlines as they grow on. Or you could use Tutorial 59 to get the copies all in one layer, and use repeaters, or any of the other shape path manipulations. As always, if you figure out anything cool send an example via twitter!


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