Quick Tips 02


    Improve your workflow with these After Effects tips
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    This is another quick tips video that explains a lot of common mistakes that new animators make. While we’re normally geared to advanced users, I haven’t seen a tutorial highlighting most of these concepts for new people.

    Timecode for the beginning of each of the ten points is as follows:

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:15 – One second is a long time
    0:47 – Use easing
    1:49 – Use motion blur sparingly
    2:27 – Not everything needs a fade
    3:15 – Name everything/use labels
    3:41 – Precompose
    4:40 – Don’t put tutorials in your reel
    5:43 – Visual Garbage
    6:10 – Learn expressions
    7:27 – Play around

    If you know any new animators, pass this on. Thanks for watching!


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