Quick Tips 04


    Improve your workflow with these quick After Effects tips
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    This week we look at volume four of our quick tips. Here’s timecode for the various tips:

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:13 – Guide layer audio to avoid doubling audio
    1:06 – Removing guides without rulers
    1:20 – Equalize values (size, scale, etc.)
    1:50 – Another way to reverse/stretch keys (though not an exact reverse)
    2:50 – Make a quick sphere with sunlight
    3:10 – Use the search box
    4:18 – Get min/max values using the graph editor
    4:54 – Select a ton of keyframes without slowing the UI down a ton
    5:26 – Command + drag to move in 1/10th increments
    5:44 – Bug eye effect with CC HexTile

    I hope these help you to work faster and thanks to everyone who improved upon the tips I had!


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