Quick Tips 05


    Improve your workflow with these quick After Effects tips
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    Quick Tips 05 is here! I do have two small notes though. Difference mode turns black where pixels exactly match. So it’s extra useful for matching two images or things with a lot of colors. I probably could’ve picked a better example.

    And the other note I’d like to make is that, I’m still not sure I explained the way I use LoopOut the best way possible yet, haha. Instead of having to set up an guess how to set keys on each end of a comp to get something to move for the entire duration, you can use loopOut so that you can be in the middle of the comp, and adjust the two keys to see how fast things will move. It’s great for anything you want to move the entire time it’s on screen as you can adjust the speed just by adjusting the spacing between the keys. Hopefully that makes more sense.

    Here’s timecode for each tip, and if you have any quick tips, hit me up [@workbench_tv] and we’ll shout you out if we put it in a video!

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:14 – Open multiple comps
    0:22 – Put selected items into a new folder
    0:43 – Group shapes shortcut
    1:02 – Expand Work Area bar
    1:16 – Quickly open effects in timeline
    1:37 – Drag up to slect
    2:04 – Step through layers
    2:24 – Drag visibility
    2:34 – Difference mode
    3:11 – Loop Out (again)

    Thanks for watching!


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