Quick Tips 06


    Improve your workflow with these quick After Effects tips
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    Here’s another collection of Quick Tips for you guys. The time for each tip is as follows:

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:21 – Fit To View Shortcut
    0:31 – Slip Tool
    1:02 – Center Anchor Point
    2:02 – Compare Screen Positions
    2:50 – Update Markers
    3:54 – Time Entry Shortcut
    4:26 – Moving Text
    4:58 – Modifiable Keyboard Shortcuts
    5:10 – Shy Layer UI

    And that’s it. I hope some of these help speed up your workflow! Also go grab Overlord from Battle Axe (http://www.battleaxe.co/overlord/)! And check out John Colombo (http://1resonant.com) and Devil Cube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt0L4zh1nkUKz36L8PsgCGw)! Thanks dudes!


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