Quick Tips 07


    Improve your workflow with these quick After Effects tips
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    Here’s another collection of Quick Tips for you guys. The time for each tip is as follows:

    0:00 – Introduction
    0:12 – Center Anchor Point
    0:55 – Math (Keyframes)
    1:57 – Laptop Shortcuts
    2:38 – Kill Keyframes (Temporarily)
    3:07 – Stroke/Fills Options
    3:45 – Reveal Timeline/Effects
    4:12 – Vector Math
    5:06 – Folder with Contents
    5:38 – Quick Color
    6:16 – Preservation

    And that’s it. I hope these help you guys to work faster. That math tip alone could have probably added years to my life at this point. Also, for info on vector math, check out AE Enhancers Expression Reference (http://expressions.aenhancers.com/vector-math.html).


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