Resources to become a better Motion Designer

    While we are all stuck at home, social distancing, we can use our time to its fullest potential to sharpen our skills as Motion Designers. I give you a few suggestions on where to start as well as provide links to resources down below.

    Here you can skip to the section you are most interested in:
    1. 1:02 – Become a Master Of Text:
    2. 2:53 – Go Back to School
    3. 5:50 – Take the plunge into Illustrator
    4. 6:53 – Channel your inner Nerd; learn expressions
    5. 10:26 – Practice! Practice! Practice!

    #1 Become a Master Of Text
    Our video about 7 simple professional text animations:

    School of motion tutorial about using text layers to create some creative animations:
    Gareso tutorial about creating a custom text to create a zipper animation: very clever!
    Ben Marriott always has great easy to follow tutorials:
    Broken has some text animation tutorials for those who want to level up:

    #2 – Go Back to School
    If you’re interested in SkillShare’s 2 month trial sign up using this link:
    VFX central use code: StayHome for 30% discount on this course:
    School of motion, lots of great course starting soon:
    Color for Creatives:
    JingSketch All Access for portraits in Procreate:

    #3 Take the plunge into Illustrator
    Our video about working between Adobe Illustrator and After Effects:

    Another video we made about how to become a better Illustrator:

    13 beginner tips for Illustrator – these are a must know from Tutvids:
    Another really insightful tutorial that shows the process of designing inside of Illustrator:
    Easy to follow tutorial on the flat design:

    #4 Channel your inner Nerd
    School of Motion Expression Session:
    Motion Design School Expression trip:
    Expressions trip
    Join the After Effects Discord server here:
    Zack Lovatt’s expression resources:

    AE Expressions Resources

    ECAbrams has a great tutorial on sourecrectattime() that is really in depth, and explains thoroughly the process of using that expression:

    #5 – Practice! Practice! Practice!
    Here are some Channels that make cool workflow videos:
    Olof Storm. Not specifically After Effects but shows the process of animation
    Gareso has a lot of different videos that take you through the whole process of creating an animation:
    Emanuele Colombo has some great workflow videos:
    Justin Oshido has a series of videos explaining every effect in After Effects:

    Like the music? I use soundstripe for all my music. It’s affordable, and they have a really great library. You can view all the music at this link. If you like what you hear, consider trying them out!

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