Retro Film Look


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    For that old school, retro, vintage, hipster, film look… look no further. Here we’ll cover how to make that reel to reel home theater experience with jostling frames and the offset effect. We will also treat the footage to look crappy, over exposed, and washed out just like you remember your family time! And as an added bonus, if you watch today you’ll learn some high end expression action to link animation to sound! whoooa! Hold onto your hats because we’re going for a ride… back in time. Hopefully you can warn your future self not to waste time reading this crap!

    The expressions mentioned should be copy/pasted as they appear below
    For the Audio Amplitude, Both Channels:
    linear(effect(“Both Channels”)(“Slider”), 20, 40, 0, 100)
    For the Offset effect creating the motion inked to the audio amplitude null:
    [640,(wiggle(8,thisComp.layer(“Audio Amplitude”).effect(“Both Channels”)(“Slider”))[1])]

    The original piece can be seen here:

    The show it goes with here:

    The song you hear in the background is made by truly excellent human being and producer Dan Najm check him out:

    Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

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