Shape Layer Essential Transition

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    The Power of Shape Layers


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    00:00 – What You’ll Learn
    00:27 – Episode Intro
    02:09 – BEGIN TUTORIAL
    02:09 – Add a Rectangle Shape Layer
    03:08 – Add a Linear Wipe Transition
    03:58 – Creating “Animate Out” transition
    04:34 – Adjust the transition with Expressions and Parenting
    05:16 – Save as an Animation Preset
    05:45 – Add the Animation Preset to your project
    06:08 – Multiple uses of the Transition Preset
    06:20 – Animating from multiple angles
    07:09 – Stacking and Offsetting multiple layers
    09:30 – AE Juice Promo
    11:02 – Episode Outro

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create this powerful shape layer transition using just one effect and 4 keyframes. I say it’s “powerful” because it can be used in any infographic, you can easily change the the angle of the transition procedurally, you quickly change the colors, and the best part is that you can save it as an animation preset, which allows you to bring it into your project with literally a click of a button. You can use this one preset and get hundreds of different looks and styles. Stick around – you definitely don’t want to miss this episode.

    Hey everybody, I’m Jeff Knight. And welcome back to another exciting and informative episode of 7 Minute AE Tutorials, where you learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts in 7 minutes or less. No BS. Just AE.

    This tutorial will help you develop skills using Shape Layers, creating custom transitions, and using transition presets in a way that you may not have known were possible. While creating this transition, you’ll learn some tips about parenting properties, stacking layers, offsetting animations, adding simple expressions, and saving shape layer animation presets. You’ll also learn techniques and skills that you can use everyday at your job, for your clients, and for your own personal projects.

    This episode is sponsored by the good folks over at AE Juice. Check out their site by visiting the link in the description below to get amazing savings as well as AE assets that are 100% free. If you’re a serious motion graphic designer, you’ll be super happy you discovered AE Juice. I highly recommend the “I Want It All Bundle,” which gives you access to everything they offer. Check out their promo at the end of this tutorial and visit them today using the link in the description below. Make sure to tell them that Jeff Knight from 7 Minute AE Tutorials sent you. Trust me, you won’t regret it!.

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