Show Me Everything: Ep04 – April Update

    This week on “Show Me Everything” we are taking our friends, fans and users on a journey from last month. We lift the frying pan off the stove to reveal how we really cook our plugins. Text Border and Bezier node take centre stage where we share something exciting and something not so exciting about both of these plugins. We take a long hard look and uses of Cartoon Moblur out in the big bad world and a wild wild west review of our plugin “Text Delay”. This episode also has a bonus section in the dvd chapters (aka at the end) where Digby shares about his first boxing bout and the life shattering discoveries this lead too. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter on

    Text Delay – Review:

    Cartoon Moblur – Amsterdam Film Festival:

    Fraser Davidson – Guide To American Football:

    Uwe Boll – Boxing Match:

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