Simple Character Walk Cycle

    Simple Character Walk Cycle – After Effects Tutorial

    Hey everyone! A while back I uploaded a video where I showed a cool trick on how to create an easy 3D Parallax rig in After Effects. I asked you if you would like to see how I animated the character walking through the snow and a lot of people wanted to see it, which was great to hear 🙂 So in this video I’ll show you how to animate the sled, the character walking through the snow and how to tie it all together and make the whole scene complete.

    You can download the project files here to dive into yourself:

    Plugins I use in this video:

    Joysticks and Sliders:

    Rubberhose 2:

    My tutorial about Joysticks and Sliders:

    My tutorial about the 3D Parallax rig:


    Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have in the comments! I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible.

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    Thanks and enjoy 🙂


    My most used plugins:





    Check out my tutorial as well:…





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