Smooth Rough Edges and Pixels In After Effects Fast! – Free FXAA Plugin

    Jagged or Rough edges in After Effects are incredibly tough to deal with, whether you’re using super brights, motion blur, echo, or any number of other things, it can cause jagged or rough edges to occur. So how do we smooth or fix rough edges in after effects?

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    What is FXAA?

    FXAA or Fast approximate anti-aliasing is an anti-aliasing algorithm created by Timothy Lottes at NVIDIA. The main advantage of this technique over conventional spatial anti-aliasing is that it does not require large amounts of computing power.


    If you’ve ever had a case of crunchy edges (aka jaggies, stairstepping, aliasing) in After Effects, FXAA will solve those for you. These issues are particularly common when doing motion-trails or motion smears using the Echo effect or Cartoon Moblur.

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