Smooth Text Reveal Effect


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    In this After Effects motion graphic tutorial we are going to be taking a look at how to use path keyframes and shape morphing to get an amazing liquid text reveal animation in After Effects CC. the liquid text reveals effect is a great way to make an animated intro or smooth animation for a logo intro tutorial.

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    Editors Note: After Effects liquid text animations are an easy way to spice up any text logo. Text animation after effects tutorials are hard to come by, especially after effects liquid motion and after effects liquid text tutorials. Morphing after effects cc shapes to create a beautiful morphing after effects tutorial showcasing a text animation in AE is a great way to learn after effects for beginners. Lastly, motion graphic animation and motion graphics after effects content can be found on our website. We appreciate your support and hope you check out other after effects liquid text and after effects morphing tutorials on this channel.


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