Text Breakup


    How to move individual characters around in text animators
    Project File: http://workbench.tv/tutorials/2018-04-06_TextBreakup
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    You know those cool text animations where letters slide in from all sorts of places? They often look hand-animated rather than text animator driven. Well, I set out about finding a way to make them with text animators.

    There’s probably a way to do this with Expression Selectors, and I’m going to look into that. But for now, this is a neat way to make a repeatable text animation with individual moves for each character.

    And if you happen to want a shirt, check out our product page! (http://workbench.tv/products/merch/) We got merch like a god church. I can’t believe I quoted that, but it’s just too good to pass on.

    UPDATE: We figured out a version using a single Expression Selector per move here (http://workbench.tv/blog/2018-04-09_TextBreakupAdvanced/). The project files now include this version as another AEP.


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