The Best Way to Create BAR GRAPHS

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    Today I’m going over the best way to create bar graph animation templates in Adobe After Effects. Get the AE Project File and MOGRT here! –

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    0:00 Intro
    0:40 Get the AE Project Files on PATREON
    0:49 Patron Shoutouts
    1:00 RIZE Ad Read
    2:00 Reference Image/New Comp
    2:44 Rulers and Guides
    3:36 Draw the Path
    4:23 Animate the Bar Graph
    5:48 Add a Slider Control
    6:34 Add the Background Path
    9:04 Gradient Stroke
    11:42 Essential Graphics/Master Properties
    12:40 Precomping and Duplicating
    13:44 Animate the Bar Graph Out
    14:41 Outro

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