The Role of Audio in Motion Design


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    In this first video of our series on audio in motion design, we talk about the purpose and components of your audio mix, and the impact it has on your visual pieces. We’re talking voice, music, SFX, and the all-important ambience. This is an overview of some basic terms and concepts that I hope inspires you to mix more audio into your motion pieces.

    Brought to you by… 0:43
    A brief example 1:14
    Components of a mix 1:53
    Voice 2:02
    Music 2:51
    Ambience 4:14
    Sound Fx 5:20
    Diegetic vs non-diegetic sound 6:30
    Conclusion 7:17

    If you have questions on this or any topic related to motion design let me know in the comments.

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